Chic Living Miami

This is your guide to all things Chic, from my passion for fashion to my adventures around the globe, and everything in between. Why write about one thing when we can explore so much more together. Who knows? You may discover the Chic side of you. How did I get where I am? I began blogging as an enhancement to my real estate career, sharing my ideas regarding real estate trending, but my blog quickly expanded to ideas and suggestions about travel, food, wellness, beauty, taste, and, most of all, my passion for fashion. Little did I know by deciding to hit “publish” I was embarking on a journey that would completely transform my life. I started a fashion design school at Miami-Dade College and then decided to open Rent Your Couture, a couture-clothing timeshare. Have a closet full of couture clothes? Let us rent it for you and enjoy a return on your investment, perhaps using the cash for a new collection. Visit our website at (coming soon), or contact me directly for more information. With my blog, on-line webinars, eBooks, and Rent Your Couture, I hope to teach women worldwide the ins and outs of style and to help them build their own fashion brand. Everyone deserves not only to look and feel good, but also to live a meaningful life, to experience the passion of doing what she loves. I’ve built Chic Living Miami by myself, without a team, but with a strong support system of family and friends. Everything you want and dream is possible. I’ve been able to use my love for fashion to create the life I had always dreamed of. About the blog: What do all the different categories stand for? Here is a quick guide: Style Guide – sharing my passion for fashion, accessories, and general style, tailored for the Chic girl. Taste – Sustenance for the mind, body, and soul (think not only recipes, but book and restaurant reviews). Wellness and Beauty – Anything to do with fitness and beauty, especially in sharing and testing products. Travel – Traveling is a passion of mine, so you’ll find my travel guides and photography of the Chicest locations. Quotes – Incorporating my interest in photography in quotes inspires me to stay positive. Trending Real Estate – Over a decade in real estate in Miami and New York affords me the opportunity to share the Chic list of trending real estate. Mother – As a mother (Matthew 2 and Ashley 20) and wife, I hope to share my experiences of being a working mom who still finds time for family.

NYE latin traditions

Las viejas costumbres dicen que para tener un año próspero sigas estos ritos cuando el reloj marque las 12 de la noche The old Latin traditions of what you do at 12:00pm Con la llegada del año nuevo, también llegan nuestros deseos de tener mejores días, y las tradiciones mantienen vivas nuestras esperanzas, así que […]