Ginger Elixir

A great way to fire up the digestive system with a ginger elixir. Consider the ginger elixir your “jump start” to a sluggish digestive system. Take one ounce of fresh ginger before lunch and dinner to kindle your digestive system.

1 cup Fresh ginger juice (from fresh ginger root)

1 cup lemon juice

1 cup water, purified

3/4 cup raw organic honey

1/4 cup cayenne pepper

1/4 cup turmeric

Cut three to four pieces of unpeeled fresh ginger into 1/2 inch pieces. Using a powerful juicer, push the ginger through the juicer and juice enough fresh ginger root to make one cup. In a citrus juicer juice four to six fresh lemons to make 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice. Which until well blended.

Drink right before your meals to give your digestive tract a spark.  Store in a mason jars for easy to shake before drinking,  store it  up to a week.



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