My must-have products are…

It’s never to late to begin taking special care of your face and body. We all know the basics to keep our skin clean, moisturized and to wear sunscreen. Maintenance that  can accommodate any budget. A cleansing product and two moisturizing creams or lotions one for day, plus a richer formula for night has been my routine, I don’t have time for a regimen that consist of to many products.  We all want our face to look natural with a healthy glow. Girls should start as early as 12 to have a proper facial care routine. I am very lucky to have a daughter who enjoys it as much as I do. A mother daughter fun experience that will lead to a lifetime of proper skin care.

Follow make up tips from my daughter at Ashleymariee.comB56306D7-8926-4E63-B2F4-B52CF8DB7DE6

Morning and Night : For cleansing, I am loyal to Cetaphil wash and shampoo with organic calendula it cost about $8.00 in any US pharmacy. It is specifically made for babies. It’s mild effective, kind to the skin and removes all your make up and surprisingly effective for gently removing mascara. As a back up and at times alternate when I am to tired to wash my face, I use the Lotus pads with aloe vera built in, squirt the Bioderma ABC h2o water also for babies and gently cleanse your face. These are affordable alternatives for cleansing.fullsizeoutput_31

Anytime and before applying night creams: A spray of thermal water after washing my face in the evening before applying  nighttime products is “a must”. I keep a small bottle in my purse when the temperature rises and one in the refrigerator for the summer days in the pool or after the gym. CAUTION may be addicting. 67B9C4AB-6823-4A4F-A914-397A767F020D

All the time: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate  look for sun protection in the formula of a day cream. Drink at least one-and-a half liters per day is the minimum.

Night time: I wish some one told me about Retin A in my 20’s. I would have saved thousands of dollars in skin treatments that have a fancy labels or a 20 y/o model with perfect skin. I recommend requesting a prescription from your dermatologist,  Retin A tends to dry your skin and make it flaky. A great night treatment that I found helps with the redness an flaking side effects is from Eucerin anti aging Q10 a rich cream affordable enough to even apply in your neck hands and décolletage sold in most pharmacy.


Day time: growing up in florida is all about sunscreen. A must splurge, La Prairie Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 $190.00
Beyond offering sun protection, this formula features ingredients that are well worth the hefty price tag. “It’s filled with several antioxidants, extracts, and anti-inflammatory ingredients, including licorice extract and cucumber extract, which help decrease pigment formation in the skin, preventing the development of sunspots, and work as anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients. It also contains hydraulic acid, which helps enhance hydration and moisture retention in skin.”

“Buy less, invest more”fullsizeoutput_32


Once you find the products whose ingredients work for you, the rest comes downs to personal taste and budget.

Taking care of our selves is a requirement for our well being and, as a consequences the the well being of the ones we love.

Please submit any comments or questions, You’re Beautiful!

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