New Years, New Beginning


New Years, New Beginning 2018


New Year’s paves the way to new bget to clear the clutter in your life. whether it’s your photos, contacts or relationship that are toxic. It’s a great time to analyze the way you want your life to move for the next 12 months. You can make anything happen; Being true to yourself – doing what is gratifying to you and not succumbing to the requests from others – will help determine how your life will be. Writing your plan helps you get your thoughts organized and on track.

Here is my list.  I hope it encourages you to jump in and share your thoughts

A note on organization:  Being organized is very important when you are living a busy life. being a parent, a spouse, a student, and trying to work at the same time can be a challenge to anybody. Technology can help you organize.

  1. Pictures: Make albums of special moments. my stepother did a great job making albums when I was growing up.  It was nice to sit and flip the pages I use to help me organize my photographs and videos. I can find, share, and print them easily.  They get my little one to ask questions about the places we visited.
  2. Contacts: If I can’t recall whom it is, delete the contact.  If the contact is out of my life, hit the delete key. If there is no last name listed, adios.I try to make the habit to add as much information when I add contacts
  3. To-Do List. I have been a hands-on all my life, preferring reading real books rather than electronic versions of them. However, I have gone out of my comfort zone and have begun using apps, Many of which are free and effective, such as Drop Box, Anydo(loving), keeper or last pass. I can keep notes, organize my calendars, set due dates, and link them all to my mobile device. If you have to deal with kids, school, home, work, etc.., I highly recommend using an app.
  4. That dreaded closet. Do you have a closet full of clothes but always wear the same things? Yup, the story of most women
  5. ( and maybe some men) Remember how we deleted those unnecessary contacts? Do the same with these unnecessary clothes. Put them in the donation box. For the clothes that I can’t part with because they are couture brands or too expensive to just get rid with I will be using, my start up company is similar to a timeshare. Closet full of expensive, worn-once clothes? can help you thin out your collection by evaluating each garment and either selling or renting it for you. RYC will manage the transaction for you. With the clothing that’s left, a grab-and-go section, planned week by week can take the stress out of the morning rush decisions regarding what to wear.
  6. Health: Staying healthy is very important to me. Staying healthy is a life style. It’s not about looking good; it’s about feeling great. Food has lots to do with how you fell, of course, and this year I am loading up on educational books to help me on my journey to good health. I have also reached out to health professionals to learn of the supplements that can be beneficial. I’ve diced, peeled, juice, blended, and strained through hundreds of receipts to find concoctions that not only tasted great but also had incredible benefits for overall health. Subscribe to the blog to stay up tp date with ideas on how to plan ahead and stick to a nutrition plan, cheers to that!
  7. Excercise: I love to keep moving, and this year I will continue to do what has worked for me in the past by following the regimen but adding pilates and yoga classes in and around Miami, or anywhere else I may find myself. I am cutting out meats and alcohol (for a trial month) and limit myself to a pescatarian diet, packed with fruits and vegetables – a big change for the family and me. I will plan meals in advance, eat out less, and develop receipts from different sources, Which I will post on my blog.
  8. Meditation: Last year I met a wonderful girl name Renata De Abreu who owns a spa  Home Life ( tried meditation session with her and found it rather helpful. I hope to continue with her, and I will also follow the routines on to begin my day in a positive state of mind.
  9. Beauty: I love trying new products and sharing the names of those that have worked for me through out the years. Many of the products I love I have found in books, magazines, and testing reports. In my blog, I will share the knowledge I learn from my army of beauty consultants, the new trends and latest procedures available.
  10. Family: I definitely feel it’s important to pry my seven year old away from his X-box and tablet. We will be getting out at least once a week to explore the world around us. I also will spend time with my beautiful 20 year old daughter, Ashley Rosales (Ashley.rosales.mua),doing girly things. We eagerly await the arrival of our Little Free Library (,a local book drop, a library shelf on the street. Going to will alert us as to neighborhood activities.

There are several books I’ve read and found rather helpful:

Campbell, T Collins. The China Study. Ben Bella Books, INC, 2006

Snyder, Kimberly CN.The Beauty Detox. Harlequin,

Agus, David MD. As short guide to a long life. Simon & Schuster, Inc

New Books in my shelf 2018

Metsovas, stella CNN. Wild Mediterranean. Pam Krauss/Avery

Curtis, Susan Dk. Eats for beauty

Mighty Salads, editor of food 52, ten speed press


This year I would love to:

  1. Learn French for my Summer trip in June, using
  2. Work on my blog, posting a myriad of topics every other week. The Chic List will showcase my top picks in miami and New York and compare both markets.
  3. Work on making some real estate deals in Miami with Fortune International Realty and Town Residential in New York. I will do Q & A with top professionals in the industry.
  4. Continue attending Miami Fashion Institute and sharing my love for fashion, tips, fashion illustration and designs.
  5. Launch, my start up on the new concept of timesharing for couture clothing
  6. Travel to new destinations
  7. Be Happy
  8. Stay healthy
  9. Develop meaningful relationships with people with great energy

Don’t Change because a New Year. Change for your own personal growth no matter what resolutions you make, they start with you.



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